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Vulnerability Scanning Essentials with Nmap

Cybersecurity analysts can only secure a network when they have good situational awareness of the systems and devices on that network. Nmap, short for “Network Mapper” is an open-source utility for network discovery and security auditing. It is one of the most important tools available for cybersecurity professionals, network engineers, and system administrators to perform …

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Leveraging SSH for network security

System administrators, developers, IT support people, and power users all find Secure Shell (SSH) a very useful protocol for connecting to systems remotely over a secure network. Because of its cryptographic nature, SSH is always preferred to other insecure protocols like Telnet and FTP. It is also the protocol of choice for accessing Linux servers …

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Business Email Compromise

More often than not, corporate emails stand the risk of a sophisticated scam. What exactly does the hacker aim at? Business Email Compromise is a fraudulent scheme that targets both business and individual emails of an organization through social engineering or computer intrusion to extract personally identifiable information and sensitive data. According to the Federal …

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