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I.T Security Controls

I.T Security professionals spend most of their time designing, executing, and managing security controls. Security controls are procedures and mechanisms that an organization puts in place to address security risks. A security control can also be defined as an action, a mechanism that we apply to our I.T. infrastructure to either to protect our systems …

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Intellectual Property Protection

One of the principal responsibilities of cybersecurity professionals is protecting the intellectual property belonging to their organizations from unofficial use or disclosure. This disclosure can potentially be damaging especially if it is acquired by the competitor There are very many ways cybersecurity professionals protect this intellect property. Usually its by access control, encryption, hashing, among …

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Data Privacy and Compliance in Uganda

It is common knowledge that data is one of the most vital assets for any organization. And as such, many laws that impact information security have been established to protect the privacy of individuals and shield individuals against both identity theft and the undesirable disclosure of personal information. All over the continent, various countries have …

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Protecting your Critical Assets: Your Data

It has often been argued as to what the most critical asset for an organization is. Of all the assets mainly associated with business success, these two stand out namely; Human Assets and data. Its common knowledge among many leaders that the human asset is the key intangible asset for any organization. In today’s dynamic …

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Are you an effective Cybersecurity/ I.T Manager?

As organizations strive to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of their systems, they go out of their way to hire Cyber security professionals (I.T Manager) to help fast track the process. These professionals when hired most of the time forget the primary role of the business. It’s imperative that security professionals remember that they …

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Healthcare Cybersecurity: Are your medical records safe?

As each day comes, Cyber-attacks and data breaches are increasing in the news and the types of cyber-attacks are becoming more varied and sophisticated. Malicious hackers have developed better ways to evade basic security, they have mastered social engineering, and they have also transitioned from mere petty theft, to information and data theft. That information, …

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Understanding DoS and DDoS Attacks

Recently, A 23-year-old hacker from Utah who launched a series of DDoS attacks against multiple online services, websites, and online gaming companies between December 2013 and January 2014 was sentenced to 27 months in prison. Austin Thompson, a.k.a. “DerpTroll,” pledged guilty back in November 2018 after he admitted to being a part of DerpTrolling, a …

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Insider Cybersecurity Threats: Stay Vigilant

From ages past, there has always been the calamitous possibility for a colleague to be shockingly revealed as the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, and we can credibly learn from sacred scripture that this will certainly not change even in the present day. So why need be wary of the wolf? Well, the biggest mistake you …

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Easy Cyber hygiene practices to keep you Safer

Every day, employees hear the same things from their IT staff about cybersecurity and safety. Though they may pushy and monotonous, there are very important reasons and rationale behind these practices and advice. Keeping safe and secure while connected isn’t just about how your system is set up – it is also very much about …

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Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning

As the number of cyber breaches occurring worldwide increases, a number of companies have invested a lot of money in system hardening, user awareness, intrusion detection systems and other technologies to prevent data breaches. BUT is that enough? Even with all the various systems and controls in place, a company can still suffer a significant …

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