November/ December 2019

Intellectual Property Protection One of the principal responsibilities of cybersecurity professionals is protecting the intellectual property belonging to their organizations from unofficial use or disclosure. This disclosure can potentially be damaging especially if it is acquired by the competitor     Securing your devices Man is not an island, and as such we seek to …

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October/ November 2019

Featured Articles The Biggest Cybersecurity Targets Organizations have a number of digital assets that cybercriminals want. Mainly, they want money, but usually, they’ll take anything they can get, and that can be confidential information…This Newsletter also covers Understanding DoS and DDoS Attacks, therefore, download it to find out more

April/ May 2019

Featured Articles Phishing Scams Of recent, phishing is becoming more common and more sophisticated. A recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report states that phishing attacks are by far the most frequent threat to

April 2019

Featured Articles The Unexpected cyber threats Online communication involves two people or organizations doing business through messages sent over an internet connection. The expectation is that nobody is listening to the traffic on that connection. And messages are encrypted so that interceptors… This article also covers Cybersecurity BCP/DR Planning therefore download it to find out more

March/ April 2019

Featured Articles Your Smartphone: Friend or Foe? How safe is your information and pictures? Have you ever paused to think what would happen in the event that your phone got hacked? Or lost and the information on it accessed? Those handheld gadgets that take up a big percentage of most peoples’ lives providing access to …

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