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System operation flow of water ring vacuum pump

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Seal water pump is to supply satisfactory sealing cooling water for vacuum pump. Under normal conditions, the water volume is 200L / min, and the temperature is 10 ~ 30 ℃. The circulation process is: seal water pump → seal water cooler → vacuum pump → gas water separator → seal water pump (as shown in Figure 1). The water storage in the gas water separator and the whole system is 2m3, and the make-up water and water consumption in the normal operation of the unit are less.

In the suction system of vacuum unit, there are two air suction ports for air extraction. When the vacuum pump is just started, the air in the vacuum system of the condenser enters the vacuum pump through the bypass of the air extractor, and then enters the steam water separator along with the working water. When the negative pressure at the inlet of the vacuum pump reaches 13.3kpa, the aspirator is actually started and put into operation. At this moment, the bypass valve of the vacuum pump is closed actively (as shown in Fig. 3). Under normal conditions, the negative pressure in the vacuum system of the condenser can reach the required vacuum value after 30min operation of the air extractor.

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