Enterprise Risk Management

All management is essentially about risk management, anticipate and prepare for any unexpected events with the likelihood to harm or cause losses to your business.

In line with this, IFIS has organized monthly Training on Enterprise Risk Management for good governance. The training shall be based on ISO 31000;2018 Enterprise Risk Management Standard.

Every agency encounters risks, the question is what do they do about those risks? Do they just ignore them and hope they go away? Or do they get in front of the risks so they can systematically manage them? Enterprise Risk Management provides actionable guidance towards creating a solid risk management plan for agencies at any risk level therefore organizations looking to implement a formalized risk management approach will find this training very practical. What are your Organization’s top 10 successes and assets based on criticality to strategic success? How protected are these assets or processes? What is your Disaster recovery plan for each of these critical assets in your Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?

In line with this, the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security has organized a 2 days Enterprise Risk Management Training:

Where: Institute of Forensics and ICT Security located on 4th floor Ntinda Complex, Plot 33, Ntinda road (Opp. St. Luke Church).
Why: Come and learn how to develop and implement an effective enterprise risk management framework and the key skill sets required for an effective ERM function, the systems software to be considered and how data should be collected and managed

The training shall be facilitated by top anti-fraud experts and Governance experts in Uganda with clear case studies and experience sharing. You will also learn about conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

Training can be customized according to the Company needs. This is an invitation for only training.   Our capacity is limited to 10-20 persons. First come, first enrol. To book space or for in-house training, contact us on 0784270586/0393517236 or email us at deborah@forensicsinstitute.org

 Get our free training presentation here. Presentations  

Hourly Schedule

CPD Hours: 4



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