I.T Security Essential Training

This course is the first step to learn the most effective steps to prevent cyber crime occurrences and identify threats with hands on techniques that you can directly apply when you get back to work. You will learn from practical sessions delivered by professionals in the field with many years of experience. The knowledge attained will help you and your company that you can win the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm your environment. This course aims to enable students to understand properly how to secure and defend a network.

In line with this, The Institute of Forensics and ICT Security cordially invites you and your team to attend the I.T Security Essential training.

Where: Institute of Forensics and ICT Security located on 4th floor Ntinda complex, Plot 33, Ntinda road (Opp. St. Luke Church).

Fee:    US$ 250 per person

You will be required to also pay $30 and this fee will get you buffet, refreshments like water and sodas, fruits and tea if needed for all the 3 days you will be training with us. Note that you can choose not to pay this fee and you will not have the above or pay for specific days, each day is $10.

Learning Outcome

  1. Causes of system data losses and breaches
  2. How to identify compromised systems on your network.
  3. The value of each security device and their accurate configuration.
  4. Setting up suitable security metrics
  5. Design and build a network architecture using VLANs, NAC, and 802.1x based on advanced persistent threat indicators of compromise
  6. Apply what you learned directly to your job when you go back to work
  7. Run Windows command line tools to analyse the system looking for high-risk items
  8. Install VMWare and create virtual machines to create a virtual lab to test and evaluate tools/security of systems

Click Here to download the course brochure.



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