New Approaches and Tricks

This is to cordially invite you to the Forensic Investigations : New approaches and tricks training, a continuation and buildup from the 2nd annual Cyber Security and Risk Management Conference 2018.

The session will be facilitated by Jon Ssemakula, with clearly illustrated hands on Demos as promised at the Conference.

The term live response is being heard more and more frequently but what  exactly is it and how does it differ from traditional forensics .
Live response and traditional forensics have  in common in that they both are looking for similar  artifacts on a system .The differentiation with live response response is that the artifacts are being  discovered  on alive running  system against an active  adversary. Therefore be their for more details about all this

When:    28th & 29th March 2019 (8:00am-4:00pm).

Where: Institute of Forensics and ICT Security located on 4th floor Ntinda complex, Plot 33, Ntinda road (Opp. St. Luke Church).

Fee:        Ugx 200,000 (US $55)  per person inclusive of refreshments and lunch

Click Here to download the presentation of the previously held 2nd annual Cyber Security and Risk Management Conference about New approaches and tricks


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