Inside the Fraudster’s Mind

Understanding the thoughts and feelings of a fraudster can provide valuable insight to enhance an organization’s anti-fraud efforts. Knowing why fraudsters commit their crimes can help you learn how to prevent fraud by addressing the circumstances that lead to it. Gaining insight into the way perpetrators rationalize their actions can also help you deter others from forming similar rationalizations in the future. And possessing an understanding of the human element of fraud might give you an edge in gaining an admission during an interview.

Fraud Examination takes an inside look at the fraudster’s mind, exploring psychological information that is key to the successful development of a fraud prevention and detection program.

You Will Learn How To:

• Differentiate between various criminological theories of human behavior

• Compare the categories of perpetrators and how they are correlated to the reasons perpetrators commit crimes

• Identify common motivations for committing fraud

• Recognize 10 common critical thinking errors associated with unethical behavior

• Identify indicators of deception commonly exhibited by interview subjects

• Enroll today for Certified Fraud Examiner  and acquire the knowledge of how to identify, control and prevent fraud before it occurs.


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