Why Insurance players MUST attend the Cybersec conference!

Qn. I am an insurance practitioner? Why should I participate or sponsor the 3rd annual cybersecurity and risk management conference?

A: Insurance sells a promise and relies on trust. The industry has also undergone a tremendous change in the way the business is conducted from risk assessment and underwriting to onboarding, service delivery, and on-going support.

Regardless of the insurance products you provide, there is increased use of technology in service delivery. Insurance companies keep lots of private data about clients which is too detailed due to the nature of the business.

Today, insurance companies in Uganda now allow policyholders to check their policy status online. Also, at some insurance companies, once and initiate cover and effect payment without having made physical contact.

This calls for cybersecurity assurance to both the regulator, customers, and the shareholders and where applicable, the re-insurers. Investment and participating in cybersecurity to understand recent developments are of essence.

To this end, the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security, IFIS, mustaphabm5.sg-host.com/csrm in partnership with NITA Uganda, hereby invites you to participate in the 3rd annual cybersecurity and risk management conference.

Dates: 16th – 18th October 2019

Venue: Imperial Royale Hotel

To book, contact us on the link above.

As an insurance professional, come and learn about data privacy; big data in cybersecurity and threat intelligence.

You would not want any breach of your client data.

For more information, visit mustaphabm5.sg-host.com/csrm.

Mustapha B Mugisa will be there. He will come along with the IFIS and SCL faculty team of experts who make a living from securing systems.

Come and anything cybersecurity and digital forensics. Including practical applications of python in threat intelligence. For international participants, let us know in case you would need help with hotel bookings.

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