Is your cyber hygiene adequate?

Before you eat food at any restaurant, you mind about the hygiene of the place. This saves you from some diseases. When it comes to sending that WhatsApp message, how do you check the hygiene of your connection or device?

If you use any device -mobile phone or laptop – that connects to the Internet, you are vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. You could easily fall victim to phishing or pharming, leading to identity theft.

No one is safe.

To this end, the Institue of Forensics & ICT Security, in partnership with National Information Technology Authority, has organized a third cybersecurity and risk management conference due on 16th-18th October 2019.

The theme of the conference is “Big Data in Cyber Security”.

If you have attended the previous #CSRM conferences by IFIS you know what makes them unique is the demos and practical way of delivering presentation. The conference costs just Ugx. 1,200,000 (US $350 to attend for all the three days, but you get insights that last a lifetime and will save you a fortune.

In 2018, a participant who works at bank came just to learn about effective deployment of data analytics and solutions available on the market. The bank was analyzing quotes for an-off a shelf big data software that costs over US $65,000! One-off license fee and annual fees of more than US $10,000.

After the training, he realized that MS Excel, with python and SQL server are more powerful than any off-the-shelf tool out there! That saved them a fortune.

Do you want to learn skills that will transform your thinking in three days of intense demos about new developments, current technologies and how to use big data in cybersecurity?

Come and see live demos of how hackers do it. The last session on each day features real hacking games. It is fun and very educative. You will never be the same online after the demos. The demos show:

Come and learn how network traffic is intercepted ie. How hackers do man in the middle whereby when you connect on any wifi network say at the airport or in the company, how a hacker could intercept the traffic!

Featuring some of the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security faculty, you will see what you have never seen.


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