Why attend the #CSRM19?

Are you too secure to be hacked? If you or any of your team member has Internet access or use social networks like WhatsApp, Email, Skype to mention but three, you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks if you connect through the same network!

Jane (not real name), a 24-year-old dark-skinned lady was excited with several ‘friendship’ requests on her new Facebook account that she forgot to change the default ‘security settings’. One ‘friend’ she accepted gained access to her profile details and got her email address, mobile phone, and name of close relatives.  In late 2018, she became a victim of a ‘spear phishing’ attack, in which hackers took over her computer including losing all documents and private photos. Her parents had to pay ransom twice – first to gain control of her computer and again to prevent hackers from publishing her private photos online.  

Cybercrime is like rape; many victims never report to the Police due to the intrusive nature. The best strategy is to empower your customers, your brothers and sisters, your stakeholders and the general public to be secure by practicing cyber hygiene. With Internet penetration in Uganda at 50%, the problem is huge.

To this end, the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security (IFIS) in partnership with the National Information & Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) invites you to attend the 3rd Annual Cyber Security & Risk Management Conference due on 16th to 18th October 2019 to gain cyber awareness for self-defense and enterprise security.  You will learn about cyber hygiene, how hackers may gain access to your WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook on your phone or computer. This year’s theme is “Big Data in Cyber Security. #Predict and Manage threats.”  If you enjoy using WhatsApp or FB, you must also learn how to stay safe while using them. Simply put, if you enjoy debating, you must read more!


As a participant, on payment of Ugx 1,200,000, you will get:

  1. Personal safety and confidence online. Your online safety is your responsibility. You could save yourself potential reputation damage by attending this conference. Cyberbullying, reputation damage, and ransom requests are high. Attend and learn how to use social networks like WhatsApp safely.
  2. Network with experts. Come and learn about the latest security tools and technologies. IFIS events are known for being practical with lots of learning opportunities. To book a sit,
  3. Afraid that someone could be spying on you? Come and learn how hackers do it. An opportunity to see a live ethical hacking demo of how hackers access your computer or phone. You will enjoy this!

Note: The fee covers Breakfast, Lunch, and full 3 days access to the event.

Next steps

Do not be left out. To know more about the previous events, visit and /csrm18. Enclosed is a conference brochure and registration form. Complete, scan and email to us. For more information on attendance, Hanifah at or call 0784270517 / 0393517236 /0414231136, To register online, visit

Conference Brochure
Booking Form
Sponsorship Brochure
Sponsorship Form


Yours faithfully,

Mustapha B. Mugisa, Mr. Strategy.


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