Active Network Forensics Solution

The main challenge faced during computer related investigations is the lack of sufficient evidence to pin point which device on the network was used to perpetuate the crime. A computer network consists of devices each of which produces log files of its own. These devices include PCs, Servers, routers and firewalls. PC’s are a great …

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Everyone is a potential fraudster. Here is why

For the last ten years, since Institute of Forensics and ICT Security ( started fraud awareness initiative, I have visited several organisations and met with so many CEOs and top managers in the region. Most of the leaders don’t want to acknowledge the extent of the fraud problem within their organisations. Yet the statistics are …

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How to conduct Effective Internal Investigations

Internal investigations allow a company to monitor itself to ensure that its managers, supervisors, and employees comply with the law as well as internal policies and guidelines.  The purpose of an investigation is to gather facts so that the investigator can make a credible determination about what happened and whether a violation occurred. In any …

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Why is Computer Forensics Important to your Organization?

In today’s fast paced world, organizations have to rely more and more heavily on technology to remain competitive. Customers have come to expect organizations to have an online presence with professional looking websites, be able to respond quickly to online enquiries, have online chat functionality and have the ability to order online. Technology has become …

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Conducting Internal Investigations

Conducting an internal investigation can be a difficult task. An investigation into employee wrongdoing can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming, and can also lead to a variety of legal problems and other unexpected complications if it is not conducted with the utmost care and confidentiality. However, a well-run internal investigation can enhance a company’s overall …

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Tasks and Responsibilities of a Fraud Investigator

Document all investigations Prepare written reports of investigation results Prepare evidence for presentation in court Testify in court about investigation findings Interview suspects and witnesses and record their statements Coordinate investigative efforts with attorneys and law enforcement officers Provide suggestions to agencies and businesses about ways to improve fraud detection Collect financial documents related to …

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Conducting Work place Investigations

Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. Workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly coming up. Managers make mistakes because they aren’t properly trained or they’re under pressure to resolve complaints quickly. Employees are more aware of their rights. I don’t know any other business …

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Forensics investigations in Uganda

Forensics investigations is a step by step tracing for dots in a digital equipment to establish where the missing link is. Unlike traditional forensics, digital evidence acquisition can be a difficult process of wading through information in an attempt to discover activities that, in many cases, the perpetrators have taken steps to destroy. Attackers are …

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