Church Fraud

One day hardly passes without an incidence of a fake pastor or a church fraud. As much as these church gossip can sound funny most of the time, it’s overly depressing too. Depressing because the goal of these guys is to bring indignity to the body of Christ and ultimately propose a thought process that the whole idea of church is a scam.

Last week there was a video on television of a pastor who claimed to be in a phone conversation with God. Recently, it’s the man who kissed a member in  front of the whole church not forgetting the several news articles on people who were scammed by supposed pastors and Church leaders and so many other news/video elements that we all have come across online at one time or the other.

Some pastors have been seen  with the so called demonic animals for example pussycats among others. They have even come out to confess that on certain days no one is allowed to meet them apart from those that have a certain amount of money (all in the name of money to build the church).

For some, this just puts a huge question as to whether this whole Christianity and spirituality isn’t just a con idea after all. Some others have gone ahead to rape members in their congregation but still it remains normal and they keep getting more congregation and even getting richer.  What has happened to our sense of reasoning?  The man who claimed to be in a phone conversation with God had people hailing him and no one could have simply asked him to put the phone on loudspeaker if for no sensible reason at all, but for the fact that they also wanted to hear God speak.

Do I even blame those who fall victims of these pastors tricks or the fake pastors themselves? I can’t even blame any. Throughout the Bible, we have been warned severally of these false prophets who would come and deceive many. Hence, we are enjoined to watch and pray that we are not deceived.

To all my fellow Ugandans, Fraud is real let’s join hands to wipe out Fraud in our country!




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