How safe is Network from Hackers?

Recent hacks on some of the world’s most sophisticated technology companies have showcased another kind of cyber-criminal, one that includes foreign governments and organized crime cartels, unconstrained by social norms and backed by nearly unlimited resources.

As attacks become ever more clever, is any computer user really safe?

If you are dealing with a well-established nation or state then obviously there are a lot of resources they can bring to bear and it would be difficult for the private sector to face that sort of attack, just like we don’t expect private sector companies to be able to face an armed attack by an army.

And just like the profile of the hacker has changed, so have the methods. When Google  announced that it had been hacked along with hundreds of other companies earlier this year, fingers and evidence pointed to the Chinese. The attack was accomplished through what security experts call social engineering. In other words, the hackers got into the system, not through sophisticated firewall breaching techniques, but through what security experts call the weakest link in the security system.

Probably 80-85% of all attacks against a secure network are accomplished through social engineering. They are targeting the weakest link, so this poses a question to all company owners, is your network safe from hackers?

The Institute of Forensics & ICT Security offers training on how to keep networks safe from hackers and solutions to all those companies/organizations that have been hacked. Hackers are real so get trained today so let’s join hands and fight them.

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