Children Online Safety Awareness Training

Master the art of how to use virtual learning platforms and social networks like WhatsApp safely

Are you too secure to be hacked? As schools remain closed and embrace digital learning, hackers are leveraging the panic and confusion to transmit malware and break into computer networks. If you (parent) or any of your children have Internet access or use social networks like WhatsApp, Email, Skype, etc, you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks if you connect through the same network!

Cybercrime is like rape; many victims never report to the Police due to the intrusive nature. The best strategy is to empower your children, your brothers & sisters, and the general public to be secure by practising cyber hygiene. With Internet penetration in Uganda at 50% coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem is huge.

To this end, the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security in partnership with Radio One is offering free “Children Online Safety Awareness Training” worth Ugx 150,000 free of charge as part of our community investment to promote secure and safe virtual learning.

What: Children Online Safety Awareness Training
Where: Via Zoom
When: 2nd October 2020, at 12:00 PM

Why: As a child, your safety and confidence online are paramount. It’s your responsibility. Save yourself from potential reputation damage by attending this webinar. Cyberbullying, reputation damage, and ransom requests are high. Attend and learn how to use virtual learning platforms and  social networks like WhatsApp safely

Fee: Free of charge. Usually Ugx 150,000 per person. First come first served
Who should attend: Parents, School going children, University Students
How to register: Visit and enroll

The talk shall be facilitated by CyberSecurity experts with case studies and experience sharing. Our capacity is limited. First come, first enrolled.  email   or visit

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